Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Miss and Wedding Bliss

To have and to hold, till death do us part….This is not exactly the case when you live in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have decided to call it quits. After seven long years together it is over. I always thought they were kind of a strange couple, especially when you think back to Jen’s old flames, including Ben Affleck, Chris Judd, P. Diddy, and Wesley Snipes. They just seem to be a little more masculine than Marc Anthony will ever be. Rumors started brewing about their split when they didn’t show up to the BAFTA awards together. Jennifer brought her mom instead, who was able to meet Will and Kate, making it strange that Marc wasn’t there for this incredible opportunity. Jennifer and Marc had renewed their vows last June. It seems like everyone in Hollywood is doing this. I just have to believe that this must be their last effort in trying to save their marriage. They must be trying to feel the love they felt on their wedding day all over again, but it is still not enough. It is unfortunate that they weren’t able to work it out for their twins Max and Emme. I wish them both the best.
Another “shocking” split has taken place. Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong has filed for divorce from hubby Russell . Now talk about a relief. It was horrible watching them together on the show. I don’t think I ever saw them smile at one another or show any sort of affection. Russell was always so awkward. He was one of those people that I got nervous for when he would talk in front of a crowd because he would crack a joke thinking he was funny and no one would laugh. I would love to know the story on how they got together in the first place. Once again, though, there is a child involved. They share a daughter named Kennedy.
On a better note, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo are husband and wife. On Friday they became one, exchanging their vows by the ocean. It was an intimate ceremony, which to me is the most special way to do a wedding. I really look forward to watching this event take place. TLC is going to be airing their special day to share with all of us. It is strange to me though that Nick has had both of his wedding documented to be shown on T.V. When Nick and Jessica got married MTV aired a whole special of their wedding and honeymoon. I sure hope Nick and Vanessa don’t follow up on a show called Newlyweds, because look how that turned out for Jessica and Nick.
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