Monday, August 29, 2011

Dancing with the stars?? finally the cast for the new season of Dancing with the Stars has been released. I guess I just always get my hopes up too much every year......It seems like the professional dancers are getting more famous then the actual stars that are competing on the show!! The list of the "stars" are Chaz Bono, David Arquette, Ricki Lake, Kristin Cavallari, Rob Kardashian, Carson Kressley, Ron Artest, Elisabetta Canalis (in the description is says George Clooney's she MUST be a star since they have to give us that important piece of information so we know who she is), Chynna Philips, Nancy Grace, JR Martinez, and Hope Solo. So when I first saw the list I counted the stars I knew without having to research on Google. I knew 7, but would I consider them stars....not exactly. Kristin, Elisabetta, and David got a free ride because they all got dumped with this year. I mean just because they were in headlines for a week I guess they MUST be the most talked about stars this year in Hollywood!!! Rob Kardashian....hmmm.....I guess living at your sisters house, playing video games and eating junk food is working for him!! I know who Ricki Lake is.... a little bit. She used to host a talk show in the 90's?? Nancy Grace, all I know about her is that they love to make fun of her on SNL!! BIG WOOP!! I also, of course, know who Chaz Bono is! I don't know anything about the rest of the stars, I guess it is a good thing that Google is my homepage! Even though I sound underwhelmed I still love the show! It sucks me in every season as I get to know the "stars"!! All I can say is I can't wait until it starts!!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife

So we all know by now Kim Kardashian is officially Kim Humphries. Their ceremony was held Saturday in Montecito, California. I am hearing mixed reviews about the whole enchilada. Many were disappointed with the wedding and the ceremony, saying that it wasn’t intimate enough. It felt like it was made solely for Television. Which I mean, come on, we all know that it was. I am not saying that Kim and Kris are not in love, I am sure they very much are, but I am sure it was much more extravagant then it needed to be because the cameras were rolling. Sources say that Kris’s parents were “appalled” by the whole shenanigan. I don’t blame them, money was just being thrown around like it really did grow on trees. The unsettling thing is, though, that Kris and Kim are actually making money. They have sold their wedding photos for a lump sum and advertisements are paying millions to get an ad spot during the wedding that will be shown on E! October 9th and 10th.

What do you guys think of Kim’s dress? I mean I thought it was nice…..but I was expecting A LOT more. The dress was very princess-like, but I didn’t see anything especially unique about it. I was expecting there to be much more bling to it. It is VERY similar to the wedding dress Kate Hudson wore in Bride wars. I don’t know maybe I was expecting something that I had never seen before because there was so much hype about this whole fiasco. I was just so surprised though, her makeup wasn’t anything different than what she wears everyday. I actually thought she had less makeup on! Her hair once again was nice, but certainly understated, which is a word that I would never describe Kim as!!! She was a beautiful bride you have to give her that!! I just was surprised by quite a few things!! I wish her and Kris a very happy life together!! They are currently in Italy celebrating their honeymoon! I am excited to see what the future holds for them, I am sure little Kims and Krises will soon be on their way!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Casey Anthony Update

Well, it wasn't too hard to find Casey after all. She was spotted in Ohio over the weekend wearing a Buckeyes baseball cap, shopping at Old Navy. Okay is this villain getting a little too comfortable already? I mean come on girl.....Much of her family lives in Ohio, which all the world knows. So don't you think if you saw a girl that looked exactly like Casey Anthony shopping, it would most likely be her? I KNOW I would, but I guess I would also think, wow.....that can't be her, she is not THAT stupid is she? Well, apparently I was giving her too much credit. She IS that dumb.

Casey is supposed to be entering Orlando no later than Thursday morning to start her probation. Her lead attorney Jose Baez is trying to vacate that order. He does not believe that it is safe for Casey to return, but it is safe for her to go out in plain sight to go shopping? Just because she needs a new wardrobe? I don't get it....I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.......

P.S. Next time I write a new blog I PROMISE it will be a little lighter....haha

Monday, August 1, 2011

Here comes the bride....

Kim Kardashian has finally revealed to us that the great Vera Wang will be the lucky seamstress to design her wedding gown. Vera has been great friends with the Kardashian's for a long time. Her and Kim have been talking about this moment since the day they met, and can't believe it is actually time to make Kim's dream come true!! I CANNOT wait to see the gown. I liked the dress Vera made for Khloe's wedding, but I am sure that Kim's is going to spectacular and on a level all its own. Just wanted to keep you posted!!!


Well, it looks like the world won’t have to obsess about the whereabouts of Casey Anthony any longer. The disturbed ex-momma is ordered to return to Orlando in the next few days. Casey has spent the last two weeks in hiding. None of us have known about her location during this time. This morning judge Stan Strickland signed documents that will instruct Anthony to serve up to one year of supervised probation on her check fraud charges. We don’t know where she will be staying once she returns to Orlando. I am sure it won’t be long until we found out, though. I think people are going to hunt her down and won’t stop until they find her. I mean before we didn’t know where she was in the world, but people had strong ideas of her whereabouts. Now all of the world will not only know the state she will be in, but the town. People are ready to give her a piece of their mind. Since Casey has been in hiding she has been on the down low in the media. I have a feeling that this was very short lived.

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