Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keeping up with the "Car"dashians......(Casey Update)

Love’em or hate’em…none of us can escape the Kardashian phenomenon. They are virtually on every single magazine cover and are taking over television. I like them. I think they are entertaining and amusing. Yeah, I think that it is pretty ridiculous how they got famous in the first place (ahem….Kim…), but I guess the whole family can thank her later.

Recently, though, Khloe and hubby Lamar are making headlines. Last Thursday Lamar was in a serious car accident on his way to his cousins funeral in NYC. He was in the backseat of a car when it hit a motorcyclist. The motorcycle then slide and hit a pedestrian. A 15 year old boy, unfortunately, died because of this incident. He was rushed to the hospital after he had been struck, but couldn’t be saved. Khloe and Lamar have been tweeting their thoughts and condolences about the accident. I could not imagine being in their shoes right now. I would feel sick to my stomach. These kind of tragedies help me realize that every day is a blessing, so I must live life to its fullest.

Casey Update: So where in the world is Casey Anthony? Sources are claiming that she is in the golden state, more specifically Carlsbad California, close to San Diego. One of her defense attorneys, Todd Macaluso, lives out there. He has given Casey $70,000 dollars upon her release. He has an office at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. The private plane is claiming to able to travel anywhere in the United States in seven hours. Before landing in Carlsbad sources say that the plane was also seen stopping at other major cities including, Orange County, California, and Prescott, Arizona.  Others are saying that she is in Ohio or even Puerto Rico. Right now I think that everyone is just guessing, hoping that maybe they will be the one who guesses the right spot. There are no major clues in leading us to believe that she is in any of the places that are being brought to our attention. I don’t know….I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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