Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kim, Kris, and Cake

Okay, so Monday is the first of August, right? Well I know that from that day on there is going to be one huge event that will be on everyone’s mind. An occurrence that is so big that people are going to be talking about until the day it happens, which happens to be on Saturday August twentieth. That affair is the wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, also known by others as the second Royal wedding of the year. I know I haven’t touched base much on this subject matter, so I thought this would be a good time since I know new details will be unfolding everyday from here on out. Wedding invitations have recently been released. They are, of course, lavish and very sophisticated. The ceremony is being held in Montecito, California. Guest attire is strictly a black tie event. Yesterday Kim and Kris were spotted at Hansen Cakes in L.A. They were doing some wedding cake tasting trying to figure out exactly what they wanted. Kim has been on a strict diet ever since the proposal, but evidently took the day off for this special day. I mean come on, could you really blame her? She was also seen on Friday at an upscale flower shop, which specializes in flower arrangements for weddings. All I know is I can’t wait until more and more details begin to unfold. Will everything go as Kim has planned? What is her dress like? What about her bridesmaid dresses? What is her color scheme? What kind of lavish gifts will she receive? I know there is one thing I can count on. There is going to be some good ol' fashion drama taking place because I mean come on it is the Kardashians we're talking about here. Thank god that E! is going to be airing the wedding, I CANNOT wait to tune in!!!

Real Housewife update: Real housewife of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong and soon to be ex hubby Russell are being sued for 1.5 million dollars for breach of contract. claims that the duo had pocketed more than 1 million dollars from people who thought they were in the company. I hate cheaters. More details should follow.

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  1. I wonder how they are going to cover up her sores?

  2. What do you mean by this? I'm curious

  3. her Psoriasis or ring worm or whatever is going on with her skin right now, who know by now its all been taken care of, didn't they shoot all these awhile ago?

  4. Yeah, they shoot these shows months ago. I know that they are going to show Kris and Kim's engagement on the show, which was in May. We haven't even seen much of their relationship unfold yet.