Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first blog!!

Welcome to Amy's dish of the day! I created this blog to inform all of you on the latest gossip happening in Hollywood! I will be writing about my favorite juicy news of the day, giving you my perspective on it! My postings can vary, one day I might talk about different top stories, the next about a single actor/actress.The ideas I have are endless!! I hope you will come visit me every day and leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.


  1. Hey, you've been posting links the comments on for a while now. Why not just contact us ( and maybe you can write columns for us in exchange for a proper link back to your blog. Thanks.

  2. Hey!! Oh, I am sorry, I didn't know how to contact you! I am new to blogging!! Can you explain what you mean to me about writing columns in exchange for a proper link. It sounds GREAT to me!! I just need to understand it a little better! Thank you so much for contacting me, I really appreciate it!! Take care