Friday, July 29, 2011

The Real Problems of New York City, plus Amy Winehouse Update

Once again, more real housewife drama is being unfolded. This time it lies within The Real Housewives of New York City, which to me is by far the most catty cast of ALL time. I watched the first episode of the reunion show this past Monday looking like a deer in headlights. I cannot believe that grown women can act so disgusting. There is constant name calling and bashing of one another. They all say that they want to be role models for their children, but from watching the show I think their children should be their role models.

The new accusation is that Ramona Singer has a drinking problem. We all know by now that Ramona is the founder of her own alcoholic beverage, Ramona Pinot Grigio. She only tells us about her product 10 times per episode or is consuming it herself. She claims that she does not have a drinking problem, but is just trying to sell and advertise her product. I am not one to judge anybody else, but the other Real Housewives sure think they are. On the new trailer for part two of the reunion, it shows the other housewives rolling their eyes with smirks on their face, whispering to one another when Ramona is denying that she is an alcoholic. I guess we will just have to see. The whole real housewife franchise is my guilty pleasure, so is it horrible of me to say, I can’t wait to watch it!!

Amy Update: Today you could find Amy’s dad, Mitch Winehouse, handing out Amy’s clothes outside her London home. Fans waited outside in hoping to receive a little piece of Amy to remember her by. He handed out T-shirts, belts, and even her signature ballet shoes. I think this was very nice of him, but a little strange, as well. I don’t really think I would want a deceased person’s clothes, but that is completely my opinion.


  1. Great blog Amy! I agre wholeheartedly about the show. I was mesmerized! While I like most of these women and favorites tend to shuffle with the seasons,,,I can safely say that Jill has never been a fave of mine.
    Can't wait for part 2!

  2. Yeah Jill has really disappointed me. I am definitely team Bethany. There is one thing that I have noticed about the New York season, though. I don't have a favorite. In every other season I have a favorite or two, but not New York. One episode I might be appalled by what Sonja says, for example, but the next episode I am totally on her side. I don't know it must be something with the dynamic of that group of women. Do you have a favorite?

  3. I've always had a soft spot for Alex and I think that Ramona's heart is often in the right place! I was ALWAYS Team Bethany and really enjoy her show.
    I can't believe that Bravo would do anything to jeopardize this drama-filled franchise. These shows are ratings driven. Most people don't get that. High ratings means BIG BUCKS for Bravo! And while I don't believe the feelings these ladies project are false, I do believe it is well thought out before a reunion least if I read Jill, Luanne and Kelly right!
    I think they have spent some time discussing what they would and would not say and how they might react to anything from the blonde side of the
    Anyway, I'll be looking foreward to Part 2! :)

  4. Very well said!! I totally agree with you!

  5. I hope they keep each one because if they really cannot stand to be around certain people, to me that's real, and it makes sense after having to film for four years with people they do not really like, It's going to take it toll, these shows it seems have a short shelf life

    If I was Jill, D'lulu and Jelly Bean I would go there prepared with notes and back up so if they try to lie their way out, you say UH UH!!!! whip out your info one of those new little tablet things would come in handy for that!

  6. Yeah, I am really surprised that Bravo is thinking of getting a whole new cast. I feel like things are just starting to get crazy between all of them. This has been by far, in my opinion, the best season of New York yet, although, I really miss Bethenny. Luckily, Bethenny Ever After should be returning soon! Also, Bryan make sure to become a follower to my site!!! ----->