Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breaking News: Casey Anthony released from Jail

                Well, there isn’t much to talk about today, only one thing comes to mind, CASEY ANTHONY GOT RELEASED FROM JAIL. The recipient of the worst mom of the year award was released 12:14 am Sunday night.  She left the Orange County booking and release center in Orlando, Florida with a big smile on her face. There was quite a ruckus as the proud mama made her first steps out to freedom. Over 300 people gathered to make sure she didn’t overly enjoy her moment. Many onlookers shouted profane names at her. Some called her a “baby killer” well others were nice enough to tell her to “rot in hell”.  
                I sit and wonder what will happen to her. How will she ever make it, living in a world where she is everyone’s worst enemy. She is going to live a life of loneliness. No one wants to be associated with her. I question whether she is going to keep being exactly who she  is by sharing her story by writing books and doing television specials to make millions, or is she going to get an extreme makeover to totally change what she looks like. I wonder what is more important to her, being able to go shopping in Walmart or sitting in a mansion by herself. What can I say though? Murdering your daughter is going to have its consequences. I was completely dumbfounded when the news broke that she was going to be set free. I guess God, Caylee, and Casey are the only people who know what truly happened the day that little Caylee was murdered. I do look forward to following up on this story in the future!
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