Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Casey Anthony Update

Well, it wasn't too hard to find Casey after all. She was spotted in Ohio over the weekend wearing a Buckeyes baseball cap, shopping at Old Navy. Okay is this villain getting a little too comfortable already? I mean come on girl.....Much of her family lives in Ohio, which all the world knows. So don't you think if you saw a girl that looked exactly like Casey Anthony shopping, it would most likely be her? I KNOW I would, but I guess I would also think, wow.....that can't be her, she is not THAT stupid is she? Well, apparently I was giving her too much credit. She IS that dumb.

Casey is supposed to be entering Orlando no later than Thursday morning to start her probation. Her lead attorney Jose Baez is trying to vacate that order. He does not believe that it is safe for Casey to return, but it is safe for her to go out in plain sight to go shopping? Just because she needs a new wardrobe? I don't get it....I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.......

P.S. Next time I write a new blog I PROMISE it will be a little lighter....haha


  1. Wow that's so true. Casey really needs to get her act straight.

    Your blog is really great. I enjoyed reading it.

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