Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife

So we all know by now Kim Kardashian is officially Kim Humphries. Their ceremony was held Saturday in Montecito, California. I am hearing mixed reviews about the whole enchilada. Many were disappointed with the wedding and the ceremony, saying that it wasn’t intimate enough. It felt like it was made solely for Television. Which I mean, come on, we all know that it was. I am not saying that Kim and Kris are not in love, I am sure they very much are, but I am sure it was much more extravagant then it needed to be because the cameras were rolling. Sources say that Kris’s parents were “appalled” by the whole shenanigan. I don’t blame them, money was just being thrown around like it really did grow on trees. The unsettling thing is, though, that Kris and Kim are actually making money. They have sold their wedding photos for a lump sum and advertisements are paying millions to get an ad spot during the wedding that will be shown on E! October 9th and 10th.

What do you guys think of Kim’s dress? I mean I thought it was nice…..but I was expecting A LOT more. The dress was very princess-like, but I didn’t see anything especially unique about it. I was expecting there to be much more bling to it. It is VERY similar to the wedding dress Kate Hudson wore in Bride wars. I don’t know maybe I was expecting something that I had never seen before because there was so much hype about this whole fiasco. I was just so surprised though, her makeup wasn’t anything different than what she wears everyday. I actually thought she had less makeup on! Her hair once again was nice, but certainly understated, which is a word that I would never describe Kim as!!! She was a beautiful bride you have to give her that!! I just was surprised by quite a few things!! I wish her and Kris a very happy life together!! They are currently in Italy celebrating their honeymoon! I am excited to see what the future holds for them, I am sure little Kims and Krises will soon be on their way!

P.S. I am sorry it has been so long!! I am back though!!!! Remember to comment I LOVE to hear from you all!!!


  1. i haven't read any articles about it yet, but i wanted to comment anyway. i think the whole thing was a mistake. from what i saw on their show, it didn't look to me like two people so in love. i think kimmy is hearing that clock ticking in her head and she just made up her mind she was going to marry the next guy she got in a relationship with. didn't they date for less than a year before getting engaged? i really think that she was feeling all this pressure to marry and start having kids. kourtney has a kid and hey, look how quick khloe and lamar got hitched and they're working out just fine! it won't be but a few years down the road til we're seeing the "kim and kris splitsville" headline on the cover of the gossip rags. jmho

  2. Wow great comment!! You are so right, I definitely think Kim was getting a little desperate to get married. She is over thirty and really wants kids. Kris was just conveniently her boyfriend at that time. Yeah, and what I have seen of Kim and Kris on the show, I don't know quite what to think of him. He seems kind of sarcastic and rude, but I am not going to judge him just yet, since I have only seen him and Kim interact for a total of ten minutes. Who is your favorite Kardashian?

  3. exactly! the thing that really stuck out for me was when kris belched right in kim's face. so rude, not to mention immature and totally disgusting. the whole thing just looked awkward and not quite right to me. not to mention kris jenner's whole story line of pressuring kourtney to get married, its not too much of a stretch to think she'd be doing the same thing to kimmy. plus kim makes no secret of wanting to have kids badly as well as saying she's a relationship girl.

    my favorite kardashian is khloe. she's the reason i tune in season after season.
    she and lamar are so adorable. i love it that she calls him lammy. their love is so real its palpable thru the tv screen. i relate to her in a lot of ways, unlike
    everyone else in that clan.

    who is your fav?

  4. I really like Khloe too!!!!! Kim is by far my least favorite!!! I like Kourtney a lot too she makes me laugh!! Bruce is also great because he seems so real and genuine. Kris (Jenner) has really disgusted me on this season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. She has totally got caught up in fame. I mean they now only have a private chef? She just kind of seems snobby. Do you watch Dancing with the stars? Are you excited to see Rob compete?? Remember to become a member to my site if you want!!

  5. how about that! rob is definitely my last favorite, then kim. rob is just a loaf. kim is just so vain and seems so stuck on herself. i do like kourt, but i just don't get her attraction to scott. he creeps me out. bruce is the most normal one. kris jenner has really changed. my jaw hit the floor when i saw her new pretentious can you be?!? she reminds me of kate gosselin. eww. total snob.

    i'm a total reality tv junkie, but competition shows are not my thing. too bad cuz it'd be fun to discuss more shows with ya. what other shows are you into?

  6. I really love all reality t.v.

  7. t&t: check! jerseylicious: check! all housewives: check! teen mom, survivor and pretty little liars are a no for me. i've seen a couple of episodes of teen mom, didn't really grab me. haven't seen survivor in years and never seen pretty little liars. but some other things i watch are bad girls club, big rich texas, russian dolls, hoarders, intervention, animal hoarders, la ink...

    so which one ya wanna chat about? =) i'm game!